About Us

Finally. A machine shop that provides your car with Class A Performance.

More than nineteen years of experience in the industry allows us to be confident in the level of service we provide. Trained and mentored by David Vizard, one of the most respected engine authorities in the nation, our owner places a high value on ongoing research, training, and development for the team so that we can always live up to the highest standards. In this way, we are able to provide a wide variety of services for a price you can afford with the kind of quality that will exceed your expectations.

Opening our doors in 2009 as D&J’s Muscle Cars, we dedicated our time to becoming experts in all aspects of car repair and restoration so that we could build our machine shop into Class A Performance in 2014. By hiring only the best team, we are able to combine precision with affordability, bringing you honest, quality service for a fraction of the price of most auto shops.

We knew when we started that we needed to set ourselves apart. While we have both the expert care and the highest quality parts, what puts us at a level above the rest is our dedication to our clients. We truly listen to our clients’ needs, striving not only to meet them, but to exceed them every day, with every job. In this way, we take the time needed in order to fully research every project, not only relying on our vast experience, but on the latest techniques and the most efficient parts so that you have a solution that works seamlessly for years to come.

That’s the Class A difference.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, and see why our machine shop is Hayward’s choice for auto repair and restoration.